Facebook Releases New Ad Format To Drive Sales!

Facebook releases Collection, a new ad format

Facebook has upped its game and released a new ad format – Collection –  that will allow sellers to showcase their products more visually. This mobile ad format will allow retailers to attach 4 product images to a video ad. Those who tap on these images will be taken to a fast-loading page where they’ll

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Instagram’s ‘Shoppable’ Posts, Integrating With Shopify & Bigcommerce

Instagram's 'Shoppable' posts may just well be what your business needs.

Instagram is going ballistic! It’s latest feature, Instagram Shopping, will be available in U.S to apparel, jewelry, and beauty brands. Till now, Instagram users could only check out a brand/seller’s posts that showcased their products. In order to BUY, say a bag/bracelet/T-shirt,  they had to follow a ‘trail’. It went like this 1) Note details

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